Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks for the shout out foodie freaks!

Brian (and by that I mean Elaine of course) Christy, Millie, Kelly the Kitchen Kop and Recovering Vegetarian, thank you all for your comments on my last two blogs! Wow, I feel like a rock star because someone actually read what I wrote! I must make a note to self not to get too big for my britches and let all this power go to my head.

Of course it's embarrassing to admit that I'm thanking you in 'blog' because I can't figure out how to send a comment on my own blog page... but I already confessed to being a 'noob' so I guess it comes as no surprise to any of you.

A shout right back out to you in Georgia Elaine, and kuddos on all those birthday treats you whipped up for your teenager's party. If you've 'slipped a cog' don't worry, it appears you (like myself) are in good company; so many awesome real food bloggers out there are floating into my field of vision these last couple of weeks. Who knew?

Christy you crunchy gal, at least your nuts are 'certified' eh?

Mousse Millie, I'd be more than happy to share my liver concoction with you, but I'd be hard pressed to call it a recipe... more like a "Ha! I laugh in the face of danger-experiment with organs"; always good though. I just throw (okay, gently place) a couple, or a few, or a lot of livers in the blender, saute up some minced shallots and fresh thyme in butter and then de-glaze the pan with a little brandy, or Marsala, or Irish whiskey for that matter; shoot, I've used my husbands stout before in a pinch! I transfer that mix to the blender along with about four, or five or six eggs, about a cup of cream (oh yeah babies!) or milk and butter if that's all I have, and around a quarter cup of arrowroot powder, salt, pepper, fresh ground nutmeg (but not too much, or you might be seeing rainbow colored roosters doing back flips off the end of your spatula!) and sometimes a splash or two (okay, big shakes, and probably five or six) of hot sauce. Blend on high, pour into buttered ramekins and place in a water bath in the oven at about 350 degrees for an hour... y'know... ish. Yummmmmmm...

Kitchen Kop Kelly! First let me say how much I enjoy your blog... I love your blog! Secondly, I'm in whole-heart-ed agreement about our farmer heros! Speaking of which, here is the link to my favorite organic farm here in San Diego: Farmer Barry says he's all about growing people, and having been a lucky 'friend of the farm' for almost a year now, I've come to believe him; I'm a different person than I was when I made that first visit to La Milpa.

As for you, you Recovering Vegetarian you! Drop me a line when you'll be in the area, and I'll meet your at the market for some serious animal food shopping, YES!

Well, I guess that covers everyone so far. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by and share with me; I feel like I know you already. Let's do lunch!




  1. Annie,
    You are hilarious!
    For the mousse, do you use whole egg or egg yolk? I don't have arrowroot powder I'm guessing flour would work?

  2. Whole eggs Millie! Skip the flour; you won't need it if you use whole eggs...

  3. I didn't see this until yesterday, I was in San Diego over the weekend, and was disappointed that Curtis was not at the Hillcrest farmers market. I will be in San Diego the third week of San Diego for restaurant week though. If your free that Sunday we should meet up at the market. Alison

  4. You are too funny - I see you figured out how to reply to comments! Love your post on fermenting you make it sound so doable!