Friday, November 20, 2009

Such a blogger noob!

Blogging. Who knew? Not me. I'm the last (or maybe second to the last) to know anything about the internet... or computers... or techie stuff in general; which is weird, because all four of my sons are serious computer geeks. Lately however, I've become acquainted with several 'foodie' blogs (you know, the whole Julie and Julia thing) and now I'm hooked.

The serious ones talk about things like kidney fat, and lacto-fermented vegetables. They wax poetic about sprouted flours and coconut oil for baking (leaf lard for pie crusts... of course). They discuss in detail, how to tell if your olive oil is of the 100% variety. They bandy about names like Sally Fallon and Joel Salatin.

My husband says I'm probably one in three point two million people who spent today rendering their own beef tallow. I'm blushing, because I'm not sure if I should be proud or grossly embarrassed, but it's true... I did. I put up a quart of sauerkraut and made six quarts of kombucha too. Ugh.

The kitchen has become my science lab, and I can't seem to get enough (except of dishes). I think my friends gossip that I've slipped a nut or something, which is why I thought it about time to reach out into cyberspace and try to connect with my own kind.

So, if you're out there rendering beef tallow, or simmering chicken stock (heads and feet too, of course) if you're moussing up liver, or separating raw milk into curds and whey, and if you spend more time with the farmers at your local farmer's market than you do with your friends and family combined... please, for the love of all things holy... drop me a line!



  1. I'm here!!! Way over in Georgia and slobbering over myself with envy at your Thanksgiving turkey - but I'm here. We spent the day (my 3rd child's 14th b'day) baking up all the things she requested ... homemade pizzas, cinnamon rolls and pretzels -- brownies and popcorn to come later. I feel the same way you do - like all my friends (and most of my family) thinks I've slipped a cog. Oh well, I like what I'm doing. I like what I'm learning and I don't plan on looking back. :)
    I just found you through RFW and I'm sure I'll enjoy poking around your blog more over the next few days.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. btw - you're not the last person on earth to understand computers - I am. I don't even know how to post here so I had to use my husband's gmail acct. My name is Elaine :)

  3. Hi, my friends and family are pretty sure I am certifiably nuts when it comes the the way I am beginning to live - but I love it! A little earthy crunchiness never hurt anyone and a lot helps so much!